Wednesday- Yes or No?

Posted by Jodie Ballaro on Jul 10 2020 at 03:55PM PDT

Please mark NO if you are not able to play on Wednesdays. I’ve heard back from a lot of people, but not everyone. Thanks!


2020-07-11T07:27:29.000-07:00July 11 2020, at 07:27 AM PDT, Renee Woliver said:

Yep!!! Just missing 7/29

2020-07-12T05:41:22.000-07:00July 12 2020, at 05:41 AM PDT, Linda Gobbo said:

no- linda gobbo

2020-07-13T06:31:25.000-07:00July 13 2020, at 06:31 AM PDT, Sabine Duran said:

No until September 10, then I am available again