Summer league- kinda

Posted by Jodie Ballaro on Jun 24 2020 at 10:45AM PDT

Hello! The arena is finally opening again. Unfortunately we cannot run summer league like we have in the past, but we do have an opportunity to snag some ice and play. I need to meet with Bobby and find out more about the rink’s Covid restrictions/ guidelines. Quite likely the arena has a new waiver, and I don’t know what restrictions there are for out of state travel. As soon as I have that info I will send it out.
Our plan is to have one hour of ice on Wednesdays & just play pickup. This would begin the week of July 20th and run 7 weeks. We would go bare bones- no refs and fun summer jerseys :( Price will be determined by how many are interested.
I will set up an “event” to poll who in our group would be interested in playing this summer, before I consider opening this up to our friends across the river.
We completely understand if people do not feel comfortable getting together just yet. We anticipate going back to our regular Sunday slot after Labor day. Hope everyone is doing OK! Happy Summer :)


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